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Divorce is an ending and also a beginning

Divorce is an ending and also a beginning. For me it was the end of a 23 year marriage, a shared financial relationship, a two parent home for my children, my relationship with my husband’s family and his with mine and to a family owned business. I was in a very fragile state dealing with all of the peripheral hardships that divorce brings and needed an attorney with the experience and knowledge to assist me in the navigation of the divorce itself. Mr. Geis proved himself to be confident, knowledgeable, reasonable, fair and prudent and guided me in making very difficult decisions throughout the entire process. He offered comfort, giving me the assurance that my future would be secure and that I would have the ability to provide a stable environment for my children as we embarked on a new beginning. With his vast experience, he was aware of how to conquer the issues that divorce brings and assist me in making decisions that I was not always prepared to make. He has built very strong relationships with financial advisors, therapists, and other attorneys, which offers him a strong support system when needed. Mr. Geis earned my utmost respect for truly caring about my well-being and that of my children above anything else. He became my friend, my adviser, my confidant and most importantly he gained my trust.