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SUMMARY: trustworthy, professional, discreet, kind

Dave helped me with a … tumultuous divorce. I was miserable for years and years. I thought I was doing the right thing for my child by staying married. The opposite was true. Dave was referred to me by a few divorcees in Bluffton. Allow me to recommend him to you. First and foremost, I trust him. Even when Dave and I didn’t agree on what to do (rare), I felt that he valued my opinion and supported me in making my own decisions, unless there was a very compelling reason otherwise. If so, he would detail the exact reason and the likely consequences. He is also quite discreet. Certainly, Dave never shares the details of your divorce in public, but more than that. For instance, he was concerned that my now-ex-husband would be served in front of clients or in front of our daughter, and he came up with a plan to decrease that exposure. Dave is experienced and has dedicated his professional career to family law. You will find his credentials impressive. He is creative and open to finding you a divorce solution that works best for the particulars of YOUR home and YOUR children. While fair, Dave is definitely on your team. He is prompt in returning phone calls and emails. At the end of the divorce, I felt that my child and I would have our needs met and protected by the law. Finally, I genuinely like David Geis. I feel that he truly cares about what happens to me and my kid. He has made it clear that I can count on him if further fires pop up, even though my divorce is official. He has given me a roadmap to negotiate possible future problems. I recommend him highly! And even if you don’t pick Dave, do make an appointment ASAP because you sure don’t want him as opposing counsel 😉