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Thanks David for all you’ve done for me

Back in 2002 I was facing the grueling fact that I was having to go through a divorce. Being new in the area and not knowing any Attorneys I had to set out and find one. I interviewed several but none seemed to have the balls to do the job I needed done considering my wife had hired one of the most feared Attorneys in the county. I finally got a reference to go the the law firm that David Geis was at. I talked to one other Attorney in the office but he didn’t seem to have the drive I was looking for, then out of nowhere Mr. Geis came out to talk to me. Right away I knew he was the man for the job.

He immediately took control and started doing what a good Attorney does and get the job done. Mr. Geis saved me from paying alimony, helped to get our assets sold and processed, got everything divided up equally and saved me a lot. If you want someone who can get you through this painful process with less anxiety then David Geis is the guy. Thanks David for all you’ve done for me.