David P. Geis Staff

About the Firm

The Law Firm of DAVID PARKER GEIS, LLC concentrates its legal practice in the areas of Divorce and Family Law and Probate. These areas of practice include representing clients in proceedings dealing with Equitable Distribution, Custody, Visitation, Alimony, Child Support and Separate Maintenance.

Nature of the Practice

Individuals involved in a matrimonial proceeding, be it a Divorce or Separation, are often placed in the unenviable position of making decisions which may affect them or their children for many years to come. These decisions are often made when the individual is at an emotional low point in his or her life and is not prepared or otherwise able to make sound dispassionate decisions with respect to custody, visitation, support, alimony and property distribution. Similarly, in many cases one of the parties does not possess sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding these issues. It is under these circumstances that knowledgeable, trustworthy counsel are vital to making sound informed decisions.

DAVID PARKER GEIS has extensive experience in Divorce and Family Law proceedings, as well as negotiating and drafting Prenuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients in matrimonial and family law matters in South Carolina and New York. Mr. Geis and his staff are equally adept at resolving the most complex marital issues, through negotiations resulting in Property Settlement Agreements and Separation agreements dealing with all of the relevant marital issues. Where negotiations are not successful Mr. Geis is an experienced litigator. (For more information go to Profile).

Alternative Dispute Resolution

DAVID PARKER GEIS is experienced in Mediation and is a trained, qualified Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator in South Carolina and New York mediation is mandatory prior to going to trial. Where the parties have a short term marriage, little or no assets, and no custody or visitation issues, a non-contested action, should easily be attained, however it is possible and desirable to resolve all issues in a non-contested manner even when complex and emotional issues do exist. In those instances Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution process which may help those who want to resolve their issues in a non-contested manner. Where the parties reach agreement without litigation, either through negotiation or mediation, legal fees are in most instances substantially reduced.


“I was represented by Dave Geis in a hotly contested and financially sophisticated divorce action. I was and am very satisfied with the results achieved by Dave as well as the support and understanding that his staff gave me in this very difficult time.”