Learn about Your Mediation Options in Your Bluffton and Hilton Head Divorce Case

Each divorce case takes its own unique path through the legal system. Some divorcing spouses are able to agree on all relevant issues from the start, which generally allows for a quick resolution. On the other hand, some couples battle it out in court regarding several issues, including alimony, property division, and child custody. This can lead to a drawn-out and costly legal case.

The good news is that if you and your spouse cannot immediately agree on every issue in your divorce, litigation is not inevitable. There is another dispute resolution method routinely used by divorcing couples called mediation. Mediation is often an effective way to keep costs low and maintain control of your own outcome. Discuss this option with a divorce mediation lawyer in Hilton Head at the Law Offices of David Parker Geis, LLC.

How Mediation Can Help

Mediation is not a court proceeding, but a private proceeding involving you, your spouse, and a third-party mediator. The mediator is there to facilitate constructive discussion and compromise between spouses who are not in complete agreement. If the spouses reach an agreement regarding certain issues, they can have the agreement incorporated as part of the final divorce judgment.

Mediation is less expensive, faster, and often less stressful than a court proceeding. In addition, during litigation, the decision of the court is completely out of your hands. Mediation allows you and your spouse to have a say in the outcome of the divorce and your future.

Consult with an Experienced Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Hilton Head

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