Negotiating Effective Separation Agreements in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC

Many married couples are separated for some time before they file for divorce or their divorce can be finalized. In many cases, it can be beneficial to draft and sign a separation agreement. This agreement will address many issues necessary when spouses live apart, and it can help a divorce case run more smoothly. If you are interested in learning more, speak with a separation agreement attorney in Hilton Head at the Law Offices of David Parker Geis, LLC.

Common Terms of a Separation Agreement

If you are living apart, it is important to resolve how you will deal with numerous issues, such as:

  • How you will divide property and assets
  • Whether one spouse will provide financial support (alimony) to the other
  • How you will divide child custody and visitation
  • Whether one spouse will pay child support to the other
  • If each spouse waives their inheritance and life insurance rights

Often, agreeing on the terms of a separation agreement can be challenging, just like it can be in a divorce case. It often requires negotiation between attorneys or mediation sessions to decide on the specific terms of your agreement. However, having the agreement in place will often make the divorce process significantly easier.

If you are going to live apart from your spouse, always protect your rights with a well-drafted and negotiated separation agreement. When it comes time for your divorce, the right attorney can seek to have the terms of the separation agreement incorporated into the divorce order, which will hopefully reduce the time, money, and energy spent on your divorce.

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