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“Mediation” is a term that many divorcing spouses will likely hear. While you might have an idea about what mediation might be, many people are unclear about the process and its potential benefits for a divorce case. The following are some benefits that spouses can gain from a successful mediation process.

Saving Resources

There is no doubt that litigation can be costly – in money, time, and energy. If you and your spouse are at an impasse over one or more issues in your divorce, you likely want to avoid going to court. Mediation can help spouses who are at odds work together to find a solution that prevents the need for litigation and its associated costs. When informal negotiation is not working, mediation might be the tool that saves you resources.

Maintaining Control Over Your Case

When a case goes to court, the judge will rule on relevant issues based on their evaluation of the evidence and arguments presented. Once your attorney presents your case, you have no power over the judge’s decision. Your finances and/or future will be in someone else’s hands, and you could feel the effects for years to come. In mediation, on the other hand, you and your spouse are in full control of what type of agreement you reach, which can be tailored to your situation.


Most litigation rulings are public record, though mediation agreements can be kept confidential. This might be important to some spouses who do not want to release information about finances, allegations of misconduct, or other information to the public.

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