Custody Planning for the Holidays

When you set your custody schedule, you should always consider how the schedule will change over the holidays. You should also address which parent gets to be with the kids at which times over the holiday season. All of this should be set out in your parenting plan, which you can review to prevent disputes from arising.

Splitting Holidays

Facing the holiday season after a divorce is never easy. It can become more emotionally difficult if you are not spending every holiday with your children. However, sharing custody requires compromise and making new traditions, and you should consider the best way to divide time over the holiday season.

Do you celebrate Christmas and your ex-spouse celebrates Hanukkah? This can make it simpler to divide up custody on these days. However, if you both celebrate the same holiday, you will have to decide how to divide the day or trade off every other year. This might mean making new traditions with your kids or making adjustments regarding family gatherings. It is important to set a holiday schedule that will best work long-term for your family.

Winter Break

Your children will be on break from school during the holiday season, so their regular custody schedule might not work. There are many factors to take into consideration, including possible travel plans, childcare if you have to work, and more. You might need to set a different schedule for this break than you have while the kids are in school.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Child Custody Lawyer in Hilton Head

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