How Long Will My South Carolina Divorce Take?

When you file for divorce, you likely want the matter to be finished as quickly as possible. However, there is a specific process for divorce cases in South Carolina, and a divorce cannot be finalized immediately. First, every divorce case has at least a 90-day waiting period from the filing date. This exists to ensure spouses have the chance to reconcile or rethink ending their marriage. There are also other factors that can increase the length of your divorce case. Your Grounds for Divorce South Carolina is a state that allows you to choose between no-fault divorce (citing irreconcilable differences) or fault-based grounds based on marital misconduct. While no-fault divorce does not require you to provide evidence of cruelty or adultery, it does require you to live separately for one year or longer before you can get divorced. Resolving Issues in Your Divorce Every divorce requires you to resolve certain [...]